Von von Lindenberg


 Von von Lindenberg is a singer-songwriter who knows that through thought provoking lyrics, combined with melodic harmonious vocals, can open the doors to self-discovery.


 With his latest studio album Break Free, we go on a journey of who we truly are, as we find balance within ourselves. The concept Bret wanted to achieve with this record was to blend genres of music because he believes that one kind of music is too limiting. Each song takes you on a different path of self-awareness while touching on different styles from a country feel, to unleashing a taste of rock and roll.


 The first song on his album “Break Free” is about letting go of the indoctrination of society, which is telling us who we should love, what we should buy and who we are supposed to be, instead of who we really are. Right from the first note you know that it will be an experience worth remembering. .


 During Von's childhood he was always surrounded by music, from watching his mother play the piano at home, to seeing her perform live at many different venues and watching many other live concerts. He remembered feeling array of emotions listening to artist on the radio like: James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Cheap Trick and Tony Orlando. Von would also cruise around town in a 1930’s Model T hot rod with his buddy blaring Journey, REO Speedwagon and Styx. Out with his friends under the bridge next to the bay where hundreds of kids went to party, they would blast the car stereo to Led Zepplin, Van Halen and Lynyrd Skynyrd. But with his girlfriends on the other hand, romance was where it was, listening to musicians like Air Supply, Bee Gees, Barry Manilow, Commodores and Teddy Pendergrass. However we must not leave out his love for country music, when he listened to Keith Whitley, Don Williams, John Anderson, Clint Black, Gary Stuart and of course.....Garth Brooks. All these influences brought out his passion to sing and perform.


 Singing was the first thing Von picked up as a teenager. He would sing in his room for hours to heartbreaking songs thinking about his lost romances. Hearing those lyrics helped him to release the pain he experienced over the mistrust he felt for people. When Bret was figuring out his sound he mimicked some of his favorite artist. He recorded a song by Garth Brooks called, “ The Dance”. He played the recording for a friend who was a professional vocalist from a musical family. She replied “I think you do a really good Garth, but where’s Bret?”. It struck him as a huge epiphany to find his own voice.


 Expanding Von's horizons, he became an actor landing a starring role in a feature film. He also acted in other films, TV roles, commercials and theater. Having these skills behind him gave him the edge to entertain on the music scene.


 Von and his friend Raphael were being interviewed on a Miami talk radio station for appearing in an Elton John music video. They mentioned to the talk show host that Elton wasn’t the only one who could sing. So the host surprised them, when he told his audience “We have a guitar in the other room so right after this commercial break, Von and Raphael are gonna sing live for you, right here on the radio”. So there was no turning back, Bret hopped on lead vocals while Raphael harmonized and played the guitar to Travis Tritt’s “I’m Gonna Be Somebody”. There was a DJ from the local country station that heard Bret sing and called in to tell the host he wanted Bret to call him.

  Von's friend Raphael who was already a singer-songwriter encouraged Von to begin focusing on his guitar skills, which helped him to write his very first love song in just a few days.
Von was amazed how beautiful that song turned out to be. From that moment on, the songs started to flow when inspiration arrived. Some songs would come from a logical view of life; others would come through to teach him more about himself during the process. He would also write from an intuitive feeling about someones life experience, somehow placing himself in their emotional field. It was an awesome time to write down lyrics and to feel it come alive with music.

  Von can show different depths when it comes to his song writing. There are great learning lessons from watching everyday life to conveying metaphors that reveal trapped emotions that people may experience. Although many songs are written for Von's audience, some of the most profound moments of songwriting come during the process of putting a song together and later realizing that the song was teaching him things about himself. That was a great realization for him of the layers of information concealed in a song. 

  Von wants to take you on a trip of self-discovery with every song on his album Break Free.  From reliving your childhood, mistakes, memories, love, and finding yourself. This album represents a part of him that wants to find a way to grow and help others move forward from any invisible cages they may find themselves residing in.